Washing detergents

Our wide offer of washing detergents have different brands, such as: Spesso, Astron and Fresh Wave in various types of packaging. Powders are designed for washing colored fand whites abrics, we also offer universal powder, effective stain remover Spesso plus and our newly launched product Spesso washing liquid.

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Washing powders.

Washing powders contains active and oxygen bleachers which makes fabrics snowy white. Washing powder Spesso Extra Power removes stain in 30 degreess because of bio-active ingredient. Active substances protects colors and fabric fibres during washing. During each washing clothes gets light fresh fragrance. There are 3 available types of washing powder.

 Universal washing powders Spesso Extra Power 3kg, 6kg and 10kg.

spesso 3kg universal

Washing powder Spesso 3kg. Universal

Spesso powder 6kg

Washing powder Spesso 6kg. Universal

spesso 10 kg.jpg

Washing powder Spesso 10kg. Universal

Washing powders ASTRON 3kg.

Proszek ASTRON 3kg Biel.

ASTRON 3kg. White.

Proszek ASTRON 3kg Uniwersalny.

ASTRON 3kg. Universal.

Proszek ASTRON 3kg Kolor.

ASTRON 3kg. Color.

Washing powders Fresh Wave 5kg.


Washing powder Fresh Wave 5kg. color


Washing powder Fresh Wave 5kg. white

Stain remover.

Effective stain remover Spesso plus supports the washing detergent, removes even the most durable stain. Do not destroy the fabric and does not contain chlorine.

Stain remover Spesso Plus 150g.

Odplamiacz Spesso Plus

Stain remover Spesso Plus 150g.

Washing liquid.

Washing liquid Spesso Color and Black – for washing cotton, wool and other delicate, colored and black fabrics, smooths them and makes them soft. Leaves on clothes fresh fragrance that lasts a long time and protects them from losing the color.

Washing liquid Spesso 1,5l. Color / Black.

Proszek do prania żel 1,5l

Washing liquid Spesso 1,5l. Color.

płyn do prania (uk)

Washing liquid Spesso 1,5l. Black.