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The company started its operations in March 1997. Initially, the main business profile of the company was only the distribution of household chemistry products. 2001 was a breakthrough in the company’s history because the company’s profile changed from commercial to production.

The company owns brands such as X4®, Spesso® and Palladium® and also produces a whole range of products for retail chains and supermarket chains under its own brand in Poland and abroad.

Our first and flagship products are dishwashing liquids and hand soap in many types and fragrance options. Our company’s assortment also includes: washing powders, universal liquids, gels as well as cubes for toilets, cleaning milk, stain remover and many other products. Antibacterial soaps are new in the company’s offer.

household chemistry

chemia gospodarcza household chemistry
Moisturizing cream soap liquids.
Dermatologically tested.
Dishwashing liquids
Efficient dishwashing liquid.
Removes all kinds of dirt,
degreases, leaves dishes shiny and clean.
Thanks to the aloe vera content,
it protects your hands.
Cleaning detergents
Spesso universal cleaning liquids,
gels for W.C. Palladium
Spesso cleaning milk,
cubes and toilet supplies.
Washing detergents
We offer powders from brands such as:
Spesso, Astron in various types of packaging.
Powders are designed for washing colored and white fabrics,
we also offer universal powder.
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household chemistry

„ Quality, style, satisfaction.”

household chemistry

household chemistry

Soaps, dishwashing liquids, cleaning products, washing detergents and other products.

dishwashing liquids płyny do naczyń

Our company sells products within and outside the European Union. Current foreign clients include contractors from England, Scotland, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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