Cleaning detergents

In our wide offer of cleaning products are products such as: universal cleaning liquids Spesso, Palladium w.c. gels , cream cleaner Spesso, toilet blocks and supplies.

Technical data sheets:


Universal cleaning liquids

Efficient Spesso cleaning liquids for all sort of surfaces in the house, such as: floors, windows, laminate surfaces. Perfectly remove all sorts of grease and dirt, leaving shiny, fresh surfaces with nice aroma. Available in 3 aromas: spring flowers, garden blossom and llavenda.

Płyn Uniwersalny SPESSO 1L - SPRING FLOWERS.

Universal cleaning liquid Spesso 1l. Spring         Flowers.

Płyn Uniwersalny SPESSO 1L - GARDEN BLOSSOM.

Universal cleaning liquid Spesso 1l. Garden Blossom.

Płyn Uniwersalny SPESSO 1L - LAVENDER.

Universal cleaning liquid Spesso 1l. Lavender.

Antibacterial W.C. gels.

Concentrated Palladium W.C. gels perfectly removes dirt and toilet grounds. Effects antibacterial and effective ensures higene and purity at the toilet. Leaves long and lasting aroma. Available in 3 aromas: ocean breeze, forest and lemon.

Żel do w.c. PALLADIUM 0,75L - LEMON.

Palladium W.C. gel 0,75l. lemon.

Żel do w.c. PALLADIUM 0,75L - OCEAN.

Palladium W.C. gel 0,75l. ocean.

Żel do w.c. PALLADIUM 0,75L - FOREST.

Palladium W.C. gel 0,75l, forest.

Cream cleaner.

Lemon cream cleaner Spesso cleans all kind of surfaces and removes all dirt and bacteria and ensures hygiene and purity at the kitchen. Leaves nice lemon aroma.

mleczko 0,5l
Cream cleaner Spesso 0,5l. lemon

Windows cleaner.

Spesso windows cleaner 1l. suitable for cleaning glass, windows, mirrors, glass surfaces, ceramic and smooth kitchen surfaces. Removes dirt and grease. Reduces the amount of stains formed after rain and prevents re-deposition of dirt.

Spesso Windows 1L. APPLE
Spesso windows cleaner 1l. Apple.

W.C.  blocks and supplies.

Camea W.C. block is specifically formulated to prevent the build up of lime-scale on the surfaces of your w.c. bowl. It is enclosed in a small holder which can be attached to the rim of the toilet bowl. With every flush, the Camea Block releases an active foam – ensuring that the inside surfaces of your toilet bowl are left hygienically fresh, perfumed, and free from limescale.

wc block forest

W.C. block Camea forest.

wc block ocean

W.C. block Camea ocean.